Introduction to the FIRE protocol

What is FIRE?

F.I.R.E.(; Financial Freedom, Retire Early) is a lifestyle movement that unites people committed to achieving financial freedom by making aggressive savings early in their professional career and living off the investments after early retirement instead of depending on a typical 9 to 5 job.
FIRE protocol was created as a response to the current economic crisis and challenges. FIRE protocol is a computer algorithm that manages digital money and creates various options for optimized returns in Decentralized Finance.
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We are a community of software engineers, corporate finance professionals, investment specialists and early Bitcoin adopters who got together to build simple and efficient products that enable reaching F.I.R.E. (stands for Financial Independence; Retire Earlier)

The FIRE Protocol

The FIRE protocol provides users the ability to engage their crypto asset into an automated investment strategy. Moreover, this allows users to select any tokens in reward of their asset.
FIRE protocol is using automated investment strategies that maximize returns for cryptocurrency assets by deploying them to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols that generate the highest yield via lending, liquidity mining, and exchange services. FIRE then harvests these earned interest routinely to convert them for the selected investment strategy.
Profitability. FIREDAO constantly monitors the market for the best yield generation opportunity and automatically allocates liquidity to the most profitable DeFi protocols.
Efficiency. Users can invest in different strategies ranging from stablecoin to synthetic stocks. Users can simply deposit their favorite crypto and choose in which asset to earn interest in. FIRE protocol provides two special features as follows.
1. Depositing your asset to yield farm and converting the earned interest to a digital asset you want to invest in routinely is burdensome. FIRE protocol's automated yield optimization allows users to save gas fees and time.
2. Most of DeFi protocols don’t allow users to select tokens freely when receiving returns. FIRE protocol routinely converts earned interest to any crypto asset that users want for more profitable and convenient experience.
Safety. Before we add new earning strategies, our internal technical reviews and external audits make sure all users' funds can be deployed safely. Governance. Every community member can propose and vote on new earning strategies. Every time a new strategy is added there is a 24-hour time-lock to track changes and give depositors full control over their funds' deployment.


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