What is FIREDAO?

FIREDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) focused on fast-tracking all its users to financial freedom. FIREDAO is composed of FIRE holders who hold voting power over different parameters of FIRE protocol.

FIREDAO controls different parameters, including but not limited to:

- FIRE Governance Token - FIREDAO Treasury (10% of converted token from interest) - FIRE Protocol Fees - Earning Strategies

What is the utility of FIRE token?

FIREDAO has received a private investment of 800,000 FIRE at $0.5 with a vesting period of 3 Months. To the public, 900,000 FIRE will publicly sold at the price of $0.9. The date of the public sale will be announced soon.

The Public Token Sale will be held for 72 hours. Users can participate in the FIRE Public Token Sale through the Token Sales Page. The maximum participation per wallet will be 25 BNB. Funds transferred either after the sale or after all FIRE tokens were sold will be reverted back.

How does it work?

FIRE protocol allows users to deposit major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to earn interest in various digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and synthetic assets.

FIRE protocol automatically deposits users' assets into trusted DeFi projects with high yield. FIRE protocol routinely harvests earned interest to purchase digital assets the user chooses to earn interest in. With the earned interest, users are also able to spend their crypto freely with their FIRE card.

When is the mobile application coming?

The mobile application is under development and is scheduled to release Q3 of 2021. The mobile application will integrate features, allowing users to deposit, earn, and spend freely all in one place.

How do I apply for FIRE card

All users will be able to apply for FIRE cards. However, those who participate in the FIRE public sale with a minimum of 10 BNB will be the first ones to receive and spend crypto with their FIRE card.

There are different tiers of FIRE cards with different designs. Each card will have different card benefits and cashback services. Card tiers will depend on how much FIRE is staked by the user. More details coming soon.

When is the FIRE public sale?

A total of 900,000 (9%) FIRE will be sold in the public sale. The sale price for 1 FIRE will be $0.9. The date of the Public Sale is to announced soon through our Twitter Account. So please keep an eye out for updates.

The public sale will last for 72 hours. Each wallet can participate with a maximum of 25 BNB.

Where can I purchase FIRE token?

Currently, FIRE is not listed in any centralized or decentralized exchange.

A dedicated amount for initial liquidity pools (1.5%) will be used to create a trading pool in Pancakeswap. The date of listing and listing price will be updated through our Twitter.