FIREDAO is a community-run organization that develops blockchain products to fast-track its members to financial freedom.

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We are a community of software engineers, corporate finance professionals, investment specialists and early Bitcoin adopters who got together to build simple and efficient products that enable reaching F.I.R.E. (stands for Financial Independence; Retire Earlier) significantly faster.

F.I.R.E. is a lifestyle movement that unites people committed to achieving financial freedom by making aggressive savings early in their professional career and living off the investments after early retirement instead of depending on a typical 9 to 5 job.

FIRE protocol was created as a response to the current economic crisis and challenges. FIRE protocol is a computer algorithm that manages digital money and enables to generate a much higher ROI than the stock market index.


FIREDAO allows every community member to participate in protocol development by making necessary proposals and voting on protocol changes with the protocol's governance token - FIRE token.

Because FIRE protocol buys back and burns FIRE token using 10% of its performance fee, FIRE DAO is encouraged to manage for the powerful protocol that maximizes profit.

Details about FIRE token will be announced later.