Automated Investment Strategy

The FIRE protocol provides users the ability to engage their earned interest into an automated investment strategy. There are currently 4 protocol strategies available.

1) Earning Stablecoin with Stablecoins

This strategy is the most conservative strategy of all. Users can deposit stablecoins such as BUSD to earn more BUSD. This strategy allows users to earn interest with almost no risk from volatility since all earned interest are routinely converted to stablecoins.

2) Earning Crypto with Stablecoins

Some users may not be too sure which direction the market will go; regardless, some may still want to try investing in specific assets. The FIRE strategy allows users to deposit stablecoins to have their earned interest in selected crypto.

For example, if a user is interested in investing in CAKE, the user can deposit USDT and only have the earned interest investing in CAKE.

3) Earning Stablecoins with Crypto

Users who hold crypto can simply deposit their assets to earn interest in stablecoins. Most users hold bags of crypto that they are bullish on in the mid-long term. Smart users never leave their assets alone and always make their money to work for them.

However, users may want to also have some stablecoins to be ready to invest in other projects. Users who have this need can deposit their crypto and have interest in stablecoins.

4) Earning Crypto with Crypto

High Risk, High Returns. FIRE protocol provides the ability for users to deposit their favorite crypto and also have their earned interest converted to selected cryptos. This exposes the user to different kind of investments utilizing their initial principal. For example, if I am a long-term BNB holder, I can deposit my BNB and also enjoy exposure in CAKE by utilizing FIRE protocol to automatically convert my interest in CAKE. This allows one's BNB to work for oneself and also routinely invest in CAKE.